Offer of soup for Ukrainian trainees

Operation Kudu

Dear Folks.

Does anyone have contacts in or with the Operation Kudu folk in the UK (see below reference) or those in the ADF who manage the operation from Australia?

I have an Australian – Ukrainian recipe version of the national Ukrainian dish, Borsch or beetroot soup and could send you the recipe (published in a Government newsletter almost a quarter of a century ago) for forwarding onto the people in the Operation Kudu who prepare meals for the Operation Kudu trainers and trainees.

I could just imagine the delightful surprise and joy on the faces of Ukrainian recruits in Operation Kudu on being served, without any forewarning as a surprise (with reporters nearby), of being served a meal of Australian-Ukrainian Borsch and the good impression this could leave on the Australian and Finnish trainers of having such prepared by the UK or Aussie Army cooks, a traditional Ukrainian meal.

The Public Relations or PR benefits in Australia and Ukraine would be well worth the effort.

Would this be something you could assist in or facilitate or get the right folk in the Aussie military to make happen, in a “nothing ventured, nothing gained” initiative to give the Kudu Operation an even more cultural, social angle than just the business side of training recruits for “life and death” combat?



Greg Jarosch


FILE PHOTO (March 2024): An Armed Forces of Ukraine soldier leaps a wall during an urban assault, as part of the Platoon and Company Sergeants Battle Course run by Australian Army soldiers deployed on Operation Kudu in the United Kingdom, March 2024. Original image digitally altered by ADF for security purposes, then cropped by CONTACT to fit space. Photo by Corporal Nicole Dorrett.





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