The Nashos

We weren’t any heroes
they kept us in reserve
but for the love of nationhood
we were proud to serve
To do our noble duty
was our common aim
the past had sadly taught us
this was not a game

Always at the ready
in time of national strife
to many it was just a lark
but some paid with their life
We wore all three uniforms
of navy army and air
suffering many hardships
all that we could bare

We were always there
when the brown stuff hit the fan
looking back in retrospect
it just made us a man
Suffering the indignations
of the corporal’s wit
practicing till we got it right
and the light bulb lit

So as we gather with respect
for mates no longer here
we will always remember them
with a prayer and a tear
Those days are but a memory
a memory to be shared
though many have long since gone
at least we showed we cared


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
15 January 2024


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