CONTACT sets new viewership record

The CONTACT web site has set a new record for the number of pages viewed in a calendar year – beating the previous record by a significant margin.

Previously, CONTACT’s record for the number of pages visited in a single year was 5.7 million in 2020 – when we were all at home, glued to our electronic devices with nothing better to do than surf the net.

But, 2023 saw the old record eclipsed by more than 800,000 – setting a new record north of 6.5 million page views.

In fact, the new record now sits at a whopping grand total of 6,519,714 pages viewed in a single calendar year.

Ironically, back in the day when CONTACT was trying to be a serious business built on advertising revenue, this new record would have or should have been a huge feather in the advertising-sales arsenal.

But now that CONTACT is officially a hobby – supported by our awesomely generous Patreon patrons – this new record is little more than a warm-and-fuzzy novelty.

And warm and fuzzy do I feel as I write this – though it may also be a couple of pints of Guinness giving me that inner glow!

In all seriousness though – thank you all for your ongoing support and interest in CONTACT.

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