Army’s largest engineer regiment turns 20

More than 150 soldiers representing almost 30 different trades formed up on the 6th Engineer Support Regiment (6ESR) parade ground on September 14 to commemorate the regiment’s 20th anniversary.

CAPTIONCommander 6th Brigade Brigadier Greg Novak uses the ceremonial axe to officially open the 6th Engineer Support Regiment Memorial Walk at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland. Story by Captain Evita Ryan. Photos by Warrant Officer Class 2 Kim Allen.

With the Royal Australian Engineers Sovereign’s Banner proudly on display, the regiment marched to the beat of the Australian Army Band Brisbane and commemorated the anniversary with a feu de joie celebratory rifle salute.

Reviewing officer Brigadier Greg Novak, Commander 6th Brigade, addressed the soldiers on parade in front of the invited guests, which included former commanding officers and regimental sergeant majors of the regiment.

“Over the past 20 years, members of 6th Engineer Support Regiment have time and time again been at their best when things are at their worst,” Brigadier Novak said.

“The members of this regiment, and all those that have come before them, have consistently put those in need ahead of themselves. They’ve helped our friends and partners, strengthened our regional presence and shown themselves to be a safe pair of hands for delivering essential engineering and specialist trade skills when and where they are needed most.

“With an impressive record of achievements across engineering operations in our region, abroad and at home, military force-level engineering remains at the heart of 6th Engineer Support Regiment’s culture and unit identity.”

CAPTIONThe Australian Army Band Brisbane stand to attention during the 20th anniversary parade.

The 6ESR Memorial Walk, constructed by the regiment to mark the 20th anniversary and tell the story of the regiment and achievements of its people, was officially opened by Brigadier Novak.

With a posted strength of almost 400 personnel, 6ESR is the largest regiment in the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers.

In accordance with its motto, ‘With Strength and Precision’, the regiment bridges the gap between combat engineering and chief engineering works to support the contemporary joint force.

The two construction squadrons within the regiment, 17th Construction Squadron and 21st Construction Squadron, provide vertical construction, horizontal construction and resource acquisition while 20th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron provides explosive ordnance disposal capability and Operations Support Squadron provides battlefield sustainment and logistic support.

Commanding Officer of 6ESR Lieutenant Colonel Matt Dobney said he was immensely proud to lead an incredible team of soldiers and officers.

“The people of our regiment are first rate and the work we do has direct strategic impact on a broad scale,” he said.

“We are grounded in the pursuit of both the mastery of the profession of arms and the mastery of technical capabilities, the story of which is now proudly on display through our memorial walk.

“The regiment’s 20th anniversary was a proud day for us all but now we’re focusing on the tasks ahead of us and getting our teams out the door to do what they do best.”

CAPTIONMembers of the 6th Engineer Support Regiment march off the parade ground.






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