Aerodrome gold

An aviator has been recognised with an Air Force gold commendation for his contributions to a major milestone in aviation safety.

CAPTIONRAAF Flight Lieutenant Sean Wrigley receives a Chief of Air Force Gold Medal Commendation from Director of Aviation Operations Group Captain Chris Pouncey at Fairbairn, ACT. Story by Squadron Leader Barrie Bardoe. Photo by Leading Aircraftman Ryan Howell.

Flight Lieutenant Sean Wrigley – who was working for the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) – was supporting the transition and implementation of contemporary global aviation standards for the management and operation of Defence-certified aerodromes.

“My support in the development of documentation and systems for Defence organisations, and subsequent assessment of these submissions by DASA, directly contributed to three aerodrome operator authorisations, which is the first major milestone in the transition to DASR 139 – Aerodromes,” Flight Lieutenant Wrigley said.

The airfield and civil engineer provided advice to each service in the development of documentation and systems to support their compliance with the regulations. This allowed the organisations to mature their safety processes and policy, and develop a better understanding of their responsibilities as an aerodrome operator.

Flight Lieutenant Wrigley also developed the regulatory tools for DASA to effectively audit each aerodrome operator, providing recipient organisations with tangible tasks and areas for future development to reduce aviation safety risks.

A key outcome of the transition to the new standards, Flight Lieutenant Wrigley explained, was a shift of responsibility from environmental commanders to aerodrome operators.

“With DASA supporting these organisations to mature their aerodrome policy and procedures, it will reduce any currently unknown safety gaps at Defence aerodromes,” he said.

“DASA will provide ongoing support to these organisations through education and oversight activities to continue to support safe flight operations.”

Flight Lieutenant Wrigley described working on the transition to the new standards at DASA as a career highlight, both personally and professionally.

“Working at DASA, surrounded by a group of dedicated and passionate professionals, has been one of my most rewarding and memorable postings in Defence,” he said.

“Having the ability to directly support organisations at both a strategic and operational level in the delivery of aviation services, while maturing aviation safety processes, has been incredible.

“Through my posting I have developed a passion for aviation safety, and look forward to continuing to support Defence with the transition over the next few years.”






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