Defence launches nuclear subs at Aussie school kids

Defence has launched a Nuclear-Powered Submarine Propulsion Challenge in Australian high schools, providing a new generation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students the chance to win a trip to HMAS Stirling in Western Australia to see first-hand how [non-nuclear] submarines work.

FILE PHOTO: Artists concept rendering of a possible SSN-AUKUS, Australia’s future nuclear-powered submarine. Image supplied.

The introductory-level, nationwide program will provide teachers with learning resources to help students design their own engineering plans for submarine nuclear propulsion.

It aims to inspire students to discover how nuclear propulsion works and how it makes submarines more capable.

The challenge is free to enter and is open to all high school students in years 7 to 12.

Winners from each State and territory will have the opportunity to take part in an immersive submariner experience at HMAS Stirling, the home base of Australia’s Collins-class submarines.

Deputy Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Jonathon Earley said the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Propulsion Challenge would present an opportunity for students across Australia to gain a greater appreciation of the STEM principles behind one of the most significant national projects ever undertaken in Australia.

“The classroom curriculum provided through this program seeks to inspire students to be more engaged with STEM subjects and see how they are practically applied in the real world,” Rear Admiral Earley said.

“These students and others like them will be our future submariners, engineers and technicians.

“Winners will experience a visit to HMAS Stirling in Western Australia, tour a Collins-class submarine, dine with submariners and virtually drive a submarine through Sydney Harbour in the submarine-bridge-training simulator.”

More information about the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Propulsion Challenge is available here.








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3 thoughts on “Defence launches nuclear subs at Aussie school kids

  • 23/06/2023 at 10:56 am

    As if the bar wasn’t set low enough, Fuknuckle has sunk to a new low. Incredible work. Offers will be flooding in now, very likely from the leaders in all things nuclear BAE systems and General Dynamics.

  • 21/06/2023 at 11:55 am

    Coming soon from A.D.F. Recruiting!!!!!!!!


    A.D.F. Recruiting Teams will shortly be visiting Creches and Kindergartens around Australia distributing Crayons and Colouring Books for pre-school children in their never-ending quest to lift collapsing Enlistment numbers.

    ”You can never be too early”, belched Deputy Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Frank Fuknuckle reeling about the A.D.F. Staff Bar and Bistro at Russell Hill.
    ”Look at our American Allies, they’ve been directly enlisting the naive and gullible from Schools for decades!”, he muttered while simultaneously juggling employment offer phone calls from Boeing, Raytheon and Thales.

    ”Asking our School Children to design propulsion systems for Nuclear Submarines, what’s possibly immoral or questionable with that?”, he shouted over his shoulder as he careered off to his weekly Parliamentary Prayer Room meeting.

    Neutrality for Australia.



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