Keeping Young Endeavour ready to sail

On March 17, Australia’s leading general marine company, Noakes Group Pty Limited, was selected as the industry partner that will deliver services to Young Endeavour, until the end of its service life.

CAPTION: Rear Admiral Steven Tiffen, front left, signs a contract with Noakes Group Managing Director Sean Langman, front right, with members from Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Systems Program Office and Noakes Group. Story by Phillip Morton. Photo by Able Seaman Benjamin Ricketts.

After a competitive tender process, Noakes was awarded a two-year contract with extension options for a further three years.

The company will maintain Navy’s Young Endeavour at HMAS Waterhen and provide support to its crew during operations away from their home port in Sydney.

Head Maritime Sustainment Rear Admiral Steven Tiffen said the contract would ensure Young Endeavour was operationally available to serve the youth of Australia where and when needed.

“Noakes has been instrumental in providing maintenance, engineering, supply and operating services to Young Endeavour for the past 30 years and are well suited to ensure the vessel is kept in a reliable and safe state to deliver youth development activities,” Rear Admiral Tiffen said.

“This contract will ensure all necessary support is given to Young Endeavour until a replacement vessel is made available, continuing the proud history that began in 1988 when the ship was handed to Australia from the United Kingdom to mark the bicentenary.”

Since 1988, more than 14,000 young Australians have sailed in Sail Training Ship (STS) Young Endeavour and been part of inspiring experiences that helped them develop self-awareness and confidence.

Young Endeavour is Navy’s national sail training ship and conducts a year-round development program on behalf of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme.

In learning to sail the ship, the youth crew develop skills which translate to everyday life, helping them become better leaders and team players, and better equipped to make an active contribution to their schools, workplaces and communities.

Young Endeavour has sailed more than 400,000 nautical miles, including two world voyages and four circumnavigations of Australia.

Australian youth aged 16-23 can apply to be part of the program at:





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