Tank regiment shows its mettle on the range

Cultana Training Area in South Australia was left battered and bruised after 1st Armoured Regiment’s (1 Armd Regt) Exercise Paratus Walk.

CAPTION: Australian Army M1 Abrams tanks fire during Exercise Paratus Walk at Cultana Training Area, South Australia. Story by Captain Peter March. Photo by Sergeant Peng Zhang.

Combat teams, including 3rd/9th SA Mounted Rifles and C Company 7th Battalion, the Royal Australia Regiment went through their paces undertaking gunnery training, as well as collective training across ASLAVs, PMV-Ls, M113 AS4, and M1A1 Abrams.

Operations officer and exercise director of practice Major Lachlan Joseph said the activity demonstrated an integrated, capable and ready 1 Armd Regt.

“The soldiers have really hooked in and worked hard,” Major Joseph said.

“We’ve gotten through our gunnery milestones and absolutely put steel on target very effectively.”

The exercise culminated in a combined arms grouping of the regiment’s suite of capabilities to conduct a variety of tactical actions under demanding, realistic live-fire conditions.

Major Joseph said it displayed the very best of what armour, and the combined arms team, had to offer.

“Armour has the optimal balance of firepower, mobility and protection,” Major Joseph said.

“It’s only with a variety of the armoured assets, working in concert with our combat enablers, that we can manoeuvre freely, keep the crew protected, and have devastating effects down range.

Major Joseph said a highlight of the exercise was the opportunity to test 1 Armd Regt’s combat service support capability.

“We were really eager for them to get a good hit-out,” Major Joseph said.

“There’s nothing better than getting some rounds down range by night.”

Commanding Officer 1 Armd Regt Lieutenant Mick Henderson was pleased with his team’s efforts.

“I’ve been really impressed by what the team has achieved over the past three weeks,” Lieutenant Colonel Henderson said.

“This activity worked to ensure we are ready to generate warfighting combined arms teams to support operations and lead force modernisation for armoured manoeuvre.”Preview image for asset

CAPTION: Commanding Officer 1st Armoured Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Mick Henderson observes his unit’s conduct. Photo by Sergeant Peng Zhang.






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