Petition calls for protected identity status to be enduring

Veteran Support Force boss Heston Russell has called on veterans and the wider community to sign a petition calling for identity protection for former-serving SF soldiers even after service and especially when accused of crimes related to their former service.

In light of the recent case of the war-crimes defendant who had his name, photo and personal living arrangements advertised in other media outlets, Mr Russell says throwing former members under a bus was a breach of trust on behalf of the ADF and the government.

Mr Russell said taking the fight to insurgents and terrorists came with significant risks, especially in today’s well-connected digital world.

“Our special-forces veterans are told they have protected identity status, and take extreme measures to keep their identities and those of their families hidden from threats,” Mr Russell said.

“But as we saw recently with the publication of the SAS veteran accused of a crime during combat, our government and senior military leaders have failed to follow through on their part of the agreement.

“The media released his full name, full picture including his face, and where he lives – everything needed to track down someone and their family.

“It was blasted publicly and around the world – and his family has been left reeling as a result.

“This is not good enough.

“That’s why this petition matters.”

Mr Russell pleaded for fair-minded Australians to support veterans and their right to protected identity by signing and sharing THIS PETITION far and wide.

“Thank you for your support and coming together with purpose when our voices need to be heard,” Mr Russell said.







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