Hard worker hands over the reins

He may have started his Defence career in the Royal Australian Navy, but RAAF’s outgoing Surveillance and Response Group’s Group Warrant Officer Scott Doring has thoroughly enjoyed serving in both services.

CAPTION: Surveillance and Response Group’s Group Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer Scott Doring, right, hands over the reins to Warrant Officer Russell Beck during a ceremony at RAAF Base Williamtown. Story by Flight Lieutenant Claire Burnet. Photo by Leading Aircraftman Samuel Miller.

“Being the Surveillance and Response Group (SRG) Group Warrant Officer has been so rewarding,” Warrant Officer Doring said.

“The demands of the role mean you get pulled in different directions, there’s more people who need your time, so it’s a lot of engagement and a whole lot of listening.

“Underpinning everything for me – and always at the forefront of my mind – is that I’m in the service of the workforce I represent.”

Warrant Officer Doring has held a wide variety of training and operational positions, mostly within SRG.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some outstanding commanders at all levels within SRG, but I’ve relied greatly on our senior enlisted network,” Warrant Officer Doring said.

“SRG has a genuinely collaborative network of warrant officers throughout the senior-enlisted leadership team as well as highly talented squadron WOFFs and WOFF engineers.

“But my main touch point has been through our wing WOFFs and I have leveraged heavily on their experience and their perspectives.”

Warrant Officer Doring added that he couldn’t have asked for a better group to work closely with.

“Much of what they do for our people is behind the scenes and obscured to most, but they are outstanding workforce advocates who do it for the welfare of all and it’s been a privilege to have been part of their team,” he said.

“We need people who will speak truth, so I’m very happy to be handing over SRG’s Group WOFF role to Warrant Officer Russell Beck who has earned his reputation as a hard-working, consummate professional and not afraid to call things out when they’re not right.”

Warrant Officer Doring will remain working for both SRG and Air Warfare Centre on a range of projects.

While incoming SRG Group WOFF Warrant Officer Russell Beck has big shoes to fill, he is well-equipped to deal with what lies on the horizon.

Since enlisting in the Air Force in 1991 as an aircraft mechanic, Warrant Officer Beck has led a fruitful career that earned him a Conspicuous Service Cross for achievements in enhanced maintenance scheduling and improved fleet serviceability, and the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2021.

“This is a critical time for SRG with the introduction of new capabilities, organisational reforms and heightened operational focus,” Warrant Officer Beck said.

“I feel privileged posting into a group where workforce effectiveness is at the core of its success. Our challenge will be to harness this synergy in order to sustain effectiveness while we grow capabilities.

“Challenging circumstances often bring out the best in people, so I look forward to playing my part in supporting the SRG workforce with creating opportunities for innovation and improvement.”

Warrant Officer Beck is supported at home by his wife Sharyn and their three children.





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