First NZ soldiers home from Ukraine training mission

The first New Zealand Defence Force personnel to deliver infantry training to Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) recruits have returned home after training more than 600 Ukrainians in soldiering skills that will help them defend their country.

CAPTION: NZDF personnel who were deployed on Operation Tīeke return home on a RNZAF B757 after delivering basic soldiering courses to Ukrainian recruits in the UK for six months. NZDF photo.

Since early September, 120 NZ Army soldiers were in the United Kingdom as part of an international program training Ukrainian recruits at British Army camps under Operation Tieke.

With the assistance of interpreters, the personnel instructed Ukrainian recruits in a five-week training course delivering a basic introduction to soldiering, tactical exercises, range practices and live field firing.

The training also covered weapon handling, operational law, field-craft, offensive and defensive operations, and marksmanship.

Recruits were taught to operate different weapon systems, fight in a trench or clear a building, as well as how to survive on the battlefield and deliver combat first aid.

Commander Joint Forces New Zealand Rear Admiral Jim Gilmour said the NZDF was working with partner militaries to deliver the training, with those on the ground working tirelessly to prepare AFU soldiers for the battlefield.

“Our personnel have been as motivated to provide this training as have been the AFU recruits to learn,” Rear Admiral Gilmour said.

“With so much at stake, our professional soldiers have turned groups of motivated individuals into capable ones, who will soon be applying everything they have learned to Ukraine’s defence.’’

Friends and family were on hand to greet NZDF personnel returning from England following their Ukrainian training mission. NZDF photo.
Friends and family were on hand to greet NZDF personnel returning from England following their Ukrainian training mission. NZDF photo.

Land Component Commander Colonel Duncan Roy, who met the NZ Army personnel when they arrived on a Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing aircraft at Base Ohakea last night, said the NZ Army personnel had built a rapport with the recruits.

“Those recruits had demonstrated resolve and tenacity to learn soldiering skills to equip them for the frontline,” Colonel Roy said.

“The first groups trained by our personnel came from civilian backgrounds.

“Others, in the most recent groups trained, have had combat experience.

“They are motivated to defend their country.

“Our New Zealand Army instructors have put every effort into providing them with the core skills needed for this.”

In January 2023, another NZ Army infantry training team of up to 66 personnel, will be deployed to the UK for six months to train more AFU recruits as part of the international training programme.

NZDF has provided other assistance to support Ukraine’s self-defence against Russia, including intelligence analysts, logistics support, an aircraft and personnel to transport donated military aid, and an artillery training team which trained AFU soldiers on the 105mm light gun.





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