ADF’s combat vehicles make overseas debut in Singapore

One of the newest capabilities of the Australian Defence Force has made its international debut at a training ground in Singapore.

CAPTION: ADF’s Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicles take part in urban warfare training. Story by Lieutenant Amy Johnson. Photos by Leading Seaman Nadav Harel.

Two Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicles were among the equipment embarked with the Australian amphibious force (AAF) in HMAS Adelaide during Indo-Pacific Endeavour.Australian Army soldiers put the combat vehicles to work during several days of training at Singapore’s Murai Urban training facility.

Troop leader Captain Stefano Rankin said training at the Murai facility provided soldiers opportunities to work in unfamiliar terrain and build on the complexity of training exercises.

“The purpose of the training we’re conducting here in Singapore is to test the integration of armour – being Boxer – and infantry with the joint pre-landing force and the ground combat element, and exercise our ability to conduct urban operations,” Captain Rankin said.

“It’s the first time the vehicles have been deployed overseas and it showcases our capacity to deploy for contingency reasons within our region.”

The ADF acquired the Boxer in 2019 and the vehicles reached initial operational capability on schedule in mid-October.

Their deployment to Singapore is a significant first, and Captain Rankin said using the leading-edge training facility helped the troops gain even more hands-on experience with the Boxer.

“It enables us to conduct a wide variety and an increased complexity of tasks, and tests our ability to conduct activities in different regions around the world,” he said.

AAF’s Commander Landing Forces, Colonel Doug Pashley, said it was energising to deploy the Boxer capability abroad.

“These are the world’s best platforms, and our people are fortunate to have the unique opportunity to work with the Boxers in Singapore to give them another perspective and broader hands-on training,” Colonel Pashley said.





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