2 Security Forces Squadron learn from Malaysian demos

While Exercise Elangaroo 22 is primarily an air-to-air fighter interaction exercise, the overall focus is to bolster bilateral partnerships.

CAPTION: Royal Australian Air Force Airfield Defence Guards from 2 Security Forces Squadron watch a quick reaction force demonstration by the Royal Malaysian Air Force Security Squadron. Story and photo by Sergeant Ben Dempster.

With this in mind, a small group of airfield defence guards from 2 Security Forces Squadron seized an opportunity to build on an already positive interoperability relationship with the Royal Malaysian Air Force Ground Defence Forces (HANDAU) by watching a demonstration of some training scenarios.

The scenarios included responding to an ambushed patrol and providing tactical combat casualty care.

Airfield Defence Guard Corporal Stuart Jacobs was impressed with the tactics and procedures demonstrated by HANDAU’s quick reaction force.

“They were confident and deliberate while also fast and efficient, as they overcame the simulated threat and quickly administered first aid to their wounded,” Corporal Jacobs said.

“Their speed, communication and teamwork was exciting to see.

“This type of training opportunity, although brief and small, helps to strengthen ties with our counterparts.”

After the demonstration, RAAF security personnel gave feedback on the drills and, despite the language barrier, it was clear the Malaysians were keen to hear what the Australians had to say.

Corporal Jacobs said he believed their procedures were decisive and finely tuned but that Australia could also add value.

“Talking with them and exchanging ideas – even as simple as discussing areas that offer best protection behind a vehicle – allowed us to integrate, learn and understand each other and build on an already solid foundation of mutual respect and rapport.

“The time we spent together contributes to our overall friendship and working relationship, helping us to collaborate better in the future.”

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CAPTION: Air Force Airfield Defence Guard, Corporal Stuart Jacobs from 2 Security Forces Squadron, watches a demonstration of tactical combat casualty care. Photo by Sergeant Ben Dempster.



CONTACT believes RAAF is deliberately dropping ‘Royal Australian’ from its name – despite Defence assuring us it isn’t true. Campaigning against this name-change-by-stealth, CONTACT has appropriately ‘repaired’ several references in this official story. See here for more details





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