Local knowledge benefits flood relief

Corporal Darcy Enshaw finds his job as an aircrewman tasked to Operation Flood Assist particularly rewarding because it allows him to help with flood relief efforts in the area where he grew up.

CAPTION: Corporal Darcy Enshaw, of 5th Aviation Regiment, on the flightline with a Chinook at Essendon Airport, Victoria. Story and photo by Captain Carolyn Barnett.

He is one of about 40 soldiers from the 5th Aviation Regiment deployed to Essendon Airport in support of the flood relief efforts in Victoria.

Operating their Townsville-based Chinook helicopters, the soldiers have been conducting reconnaissance and passenger and equipment transfers in regional Victoria during Operation Flood Assist 22-2.

Corporal Enshaw said local knowledge of his home town of Rutherglen had helped identify potential issues.

“When we fly over in the Chinook, I recognise many of the landmarks and I’m aware of some areas that are prone to flooding,” Corporal Enshaw said.

“Having faced some of the problems associated with floods growing up here I can identify where roads may get closed off.

“In the community of Wangaratta, this may mean children are unable to get to school.”

Corporal Enshaw said the flights enabled the delivery of essential items, as well as assisting emergency service personnel to gain access to potentially isolated communities.

“On one of our missions, we dropped off supplies and picked up members of the Victorian State Emergency Service and soldiers, enabling SES staff to get to otherwise difficult-to-reach areas to speak with local people about the issues they were facing,” Corporal Enshaw said.

“Some of the areas we flew to included Echuca and Shepparton.”

Corporal Enshaw said Rutherglen was still home for his family.

“My parents work in Albury and live in Rutherglen,” he said.

“It’s not often you get the opportunity to give back to a community you have a connection to.”





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