Ready for live-fire attacks and ambushes

Members of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, deployed to Canungra training area in October to conduct Exercise Heeler Strike.

CAPTION: Private Mason Howell, of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, on patrol during live-fire training at Kokoda Barracks, Canungra. Story by Captain Cody Tsaousis. Photo by Signals Christopher Kingston.

Alpha, Bravo, Delta and Support Companies conducted live-fire serials across a two-week period in order to practise platoon live-fire attacks and ambushes.

Second-in-command of Bravo Company, Captain Zachary Williams, said the exercise was crucial in the unit’s training and development.

“By achieving this capability, next year we can commence exercises in combined arms, and we’ll be working alongside tanks, engineers and artillery,” Captain Williams said.

“Then we’ll move into company live-fire as our preparation continues for Talisman Sabre 23.”

Soldiers’ morale was high throughout the exercise despite facing tough conditions at times.

Corporal Benjamin Smith said he had been looking forward to shooting live-fire all year.

“It’s been great. We’ve been able to put together the training we’ve done over the past few months and use it in a field environment,” Corporal Smith said.

“It went really well and we always look forward to firing rounds down range, so everyone was stoked to be part of the exercise.”

CAPTION:Corporal Benjamin Smith on patrol during live-fire training. Photo by Signals Christopher Kingston.





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