6th Battalion prove victorious in skills competition

The 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, has claimed victory in the 7th Brigade military skills competition.

CAPTION: A member of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, competing in the shooting section of the military skills competition at Gallipoli Barracks. Story and photo by Captain Cody Tsaousis.

The unit was announced as the winner on October 11, and received a trophy for its efforts on the obstacle course, bayonet assault course and 25 metre shooting range.

Section Commander Corporal Seb Evans said he was proud of the team, whose members showed great capability throughout the competition.

“They did a really good job and we put in a lot of work for it with months of training,” Corporal Evans said.

“The team had fantastic morale the whole way through and there was no whinging, no complaining, everyone just really enjoyed it.”

Corporal Evans said the team got off to a fast start in the competition and it provided the team members with great confidence which they carried through to the end.

The 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, claimed first place on the bayonet assault course and at the 25 metre shooting range, while coming third on the obstacle course.

The 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, was named runner-up, narrowly ahead of the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, in third place.

The competition is part of the Commander’s Cup and, at the closing ceremony, Brigadier Mick Say praised the efforts of all competitors.

“The military skills competition tests the foundation warfighting skills of the 7th Brigade units within a section setting,” he said.

“Well done to all of the competitors for their hard work throughout this competition.

“Healthy competition plays a crucial role in building teams and encourages people to push their physical and mental limits as they strive to contribute to the success of the team.”

CAPTION: A soldier leopard crawling as part of the competition. Photo by Captain Cody Tsaousis.





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