Seaman returns to floods at home

Once posted to a ship, members of the Royal Australian Navy can go long periods of time before returning home.

CAPTION: Royal Australian Navy Boatswains Mate Seaman Jordan Moscatt from HMAS Adelaide on deployment in support of the NSW Government’s response to flooding in the Hawkesbury region. Story by Captain Joanne Leca. Photo by Corporal Madhur Chitnis.

But Seaman Jordan Moscatt, a Boatswain’s Mate posted to HMAS Adelaide, had the unique opportunity to return home as part of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) support to the NSW Government’s response to flooding.

Seaman Moscatt hails from Taree, a small town on the north coast of New South Wales, part of a community of towns that were affected by heavy rainfall.

She conducted risk damage assessments and cleared up debris and damaged items from residents’ homes.

“It can be challenging seeing the locals devastated with the damage to their homes and communities,” Seaman Moscatt said.

“When we first arrived, we began door knocking in high risk areas and alerting residents to evacuation sites.

“Once residents started returning to their homes we began helping with clean-up, and the towns have been so grateful the State Emergency Services and ADF can be here to help them.”

In spite of the challenges of witnessing the effect of the floods on her community, she found the experience to be fulfilling.

“It’s been really rewarding being able to help out the local communities affected, personally because it’s so close to my hometown Taree,” Seaman Moscatt said.

“It’s really nice knowing I can help out when I know my family back home are in the same boat.

“All the initial training we go through [when entering Defence] develops our leadership training and team building. It comes together to prepare us for this.”





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