7th Brigade backs Legacy

Soldiers from 7th Brigade were more than happy to lend a hand in the name of charity ahead of upcoming Legacy Week.

CAPTION: Two members from 7th Brigade labelling which of the many Legacy bears they’re packing, with options ranging from Army to Navy to Royal Australian Air Force. Story and photo by Captain Cody Tsaousis.

Legacy is a hugely important organisation that supports the family of service men and women who have lost their lives.

Celebrated from September 2, 2022, Legacy Week raises hundreds of thousands of dollars, and one of the biggest money makers for the charity is their Legacy bears.

Thousands of the bears are sold every year, coming in varieties such as Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, and the most iconic item – ‘Australian Army camo’ bears.

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CAPTION: Members of 7th Brigade hold the highly popular ‘Army camo’ Legacy bears. Photo by Captain Cody Tsaousis.

While they fly off the shelves, they have to get onto the shelves in the first place, and that’s where 7th Brigade comes in, with six members helping deliver the much sought-after product.

Fundraising assistant at Legacy House Brisbane, Molly Woodrow Evans, said the help was much appreciated and it’s always an honour having Defence personnel assist.

“We have our upcoming Legacy Week celebrations and every year we get a large amount of merchandise that gets delivered,” Molly said.

“It’s kind of hard to carry it all so every year different units in the Army give some of their time to help us unpack the merchandise.

“Our aim is to sell all of the bears and badges on Legacy Week and get help to fund what we do here.”

Legacy helps families of injured or deceased Defence personnel in a number of ways, including providing resources for disability clients. Recently, it was able to help a family purchase a new hearing aid.

The organisation also checks in with its families on a yearly basis to see how it can be of assistance.

After their hard work, the soldiers took a break before getting their hands on the Army camo bears, which they were pleased to find out are the most popular items.

Bears can be purchased via Legacy at any time, with digger, nurse, Royal Australian Air Force, Navy, Light Horse, sailor and female officer bears all on offer this year.





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