Death from Over the Hill (Mortars – Dealers in Death!)

They hump their kit here
They hump their kit there
They hump up hills and down ravines
They hump with their kit further than the US Marines!
Rounds, Tube; Plate; Bipod; and, Sight
They hump it all over, with all one’s might
And move forward to the “Contact” and set up to support
On the radio you hear them “Firm!” It’s them, their report
So they wait for the call
Someone will watch for the fall
Adjust onto “Target” and then lob a few more
They stop and make ready do they move or do they stay?
Which one is it today? Forward “Pack Up” this way!
Ready to go and “Smite some more”
These fine young men of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps
They are the bringers of Death from over the hill
No Reapers now that is a tough pill

By Spent Cartridge
Proud Australian Army Veteran

(no plagiarism intended – with the exception: Mortars – Dealers in Death!)


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