Community pride in Freedom of Entry

With swords drawn, rifles, drums beating, band playing and Colours flying, No. 92 Wing exercised the Freedom of Entry into the City of Salisbury on November 5.

CAPTION: Air Force personnel from No. 92 Wing exercise their Freedom of Entry into the City of Salisbury, South Australia. Story by Flight Lieutenant Nat Giles. Photo by Corporal Brenton Kwaterski.

Officer Commanding No. 92 Wing Group Captain John Grime said the Freedom of Entry was not only a chance to celebrate 100 years of Air Force, but also the wing’s long-standing relationship with Salisbury.

“The FOE is a celebration of 100 years of Air Force service, but is also a celebration of 92 Wing’s 44-year close association with the City of Salisbury since its formation at RAAF Edinburgh on July 1, 1977,” Group Captain Grime said.

“This parade provides an excellent opportunity for us to show our appreciation to the City of Salisbury and the greater South Australian community for their ongoing support and goodwill towards RAAF Base Edinburgh.

“We’re honoured to be exercising our right to enter the City of Salisbury.”

The parade stepped off at Pioneer Park in Salisbury before marching through the commercial precinct of Salisbury.

A general salute was delivered to Salisbury mayor Jack Buckskin and RAAF Base Edinburgh’s Indigenous Liaison Officer Steven Warrior conducted a traditional smoking ceremony to cleanse the No. 92 Wing formation before it continued marching.

Parade members were then invited to attend a civic reception at the City of Salisbury Community Hub. This provided an opportunity for former No. 92 Wing members be part of the celebration and engage with the current serving members.

“This parade provided a wonderful opportunity for our personnel to engage with the Salisbury community, and to share memories with the locals of our close association over the past 44 years,” Group Captain Grime said.

No. 92 Wing Standard Colour bearer Flight Lieutenant Benedict Farrell said he was honoured to take part in the event.

“It was an absolute honour to parade the 92 Wing Standard through the streets of Salisbury today as part of the Air Force centenary,” Flight Lieutenant Farrell said.

“It was incredible seeing all the members of the local community respond so enthusiastically to our parade. It was a great experience that I will always remember.”





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