Fisheries patrol strengthens relationship with Indonesia

HMAS Ararat recently completed Ausindo Corpat 2021, a five-day coordinated patrol with Indonesian Navy vessels KRI Sura and Kerapu along the shared maritime border.

CAPTION: Indonesian Navy vessel KRI Sura, top, HMAS Ararat and KRI Kerapu conduct a coordinated maritime security patrol as part of Ausindo Corpat 2021. Story by Lieutenant Gordon Carr-Gregg.

Commanding Officer HMAS Ararat Lieutenant Commander David Martinussen said this, the 11th iteration of Ausindo Corpat, was a welcome opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties with Indonesia, while delivering a strong and coordinated response to illegal fisheries activity.

“The tactical manoeuvring of warships in close quarters is a tried and true means of developing self-confidence in our people,” Lieutenant Commander Martinussen said.

“When executed with our regional partners, it also builds trust and the ability to work in lock step with each other.”

Trainee maritime warfare officer aboard HMAS Ararat Sub Lieutenant William Barton had the opportunity to conduct manoeuvres while sailing in company with one of the Indonesian ships.

“To be able to work with the Indonesian Navy in such close company is an opportunity that I value,” Sub Lieutenant Barton said.

“To be able to see how other nations operate and how our tactics complement each other at this stage of my career has been an excellent experience.”

This coordinated patrol refined the ability of Australia and Indonesia to work together in cooperative maritime surveillance, security and interdiction.

It was conducted in a contactless manner to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.





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