Valuable experience for young RAAF members

In their first exercise since joining the Air Force, two young aviators have deployed to the remote RAAF Base Scherger to help bring the bare base to an operational capability.

CAPTION: Aircraftwomen Alese Clark, left, and Maeghan Lewis inside the base command post bunker at RAAF Base Scherger. Story by Flight Lieutenants Nick O’Connor and Tamara . Photo by Corporal Brett Sherriff. 

Aircraftwomen Maeghan Lewis, 24, and Alese Clark, 22, have deployed as personnel capability specialists working from the base command post at the far north Queensland airbase.

“As administration staff, we were heavily involved in the exercise planning and preparation,” Aircraftwoman Lewis said.

“Our main role once we arrived was to track personnel coming in and out of the location and coordinate accommodation, the payment of allowances to members,” Aircraftwoman Clark said.

Aircraftwoman Lewis said the multi-national exercise provided perspective on capabilities.

“Working at a contingency response squadron (CRS) we have heard and learnt a lot about what we do, so it’s amazing to see all the training put in action,” she said.

“It’s a great opportunity to see what all of the other sections do and get some experience in exercise operations.

Aircraftwoman Clark said working from a bare base helped her understand what it took to project air power.

“It has been really interesting to see how all the various components combine to work together as an integral element of such a large-scale exercise,” she said.

“This is the first time both Maeghan and I have deployed on an exercise; it’s an experience neither of us will forget and sets us up well for our future in the Air Force.”





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