Signalling 3 Brigade’s road to ready

From the comforts of Lavarack Barracks to the spear-grass fields of Townsville Field Training Area, soldiers and officers of the 3rd Combat Signal Regiment (3CSR) achieved a significant milestone last month on their road to Talisman Sabre.

CAPTION: Australian Army Signaller James Fern from the 3rd Combat Signal Regiment is deployed to Townsville Field Training Area as a Battlespace Communication Systems Operator on Exercise Polygon Wood 2021. Story by Captain Diana Jennings. Photo by Corporal Brodie Cross.

Providing communication support to the 3rd Brigade and its subordinate units during the conduct of Exercise Polygon Wood and the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment’s Warfighter Exercise, 3CSR was able to test its skills while tactically deploying in the field environment.

Lieutenant Luke Brymora, of 3CSR, deployed with Headquarters (HQ) 3rd Brigade on Polygon Wood and said the exercise highlighted the importance of establishing communications in a timely manner.

“For us, time is of the essence,” Lieutenant Brymora said.

“It is absolutely critical that when we move into a position we establish communications as quickly as possible to enable HQ 3rd Brigade to achieve command and control within the battlespace.

“We provide a niche capability by using satellite communications, information system rollouts, IT infrastructure and IT support, as well as maintaining combat radio networks.”

The exercise was the first opportunity for some of the regiment’s junior soldiers to deploy into the field since completing their initial employment training. It also gave others the chance to develop their leadership skills as the unit moved towards Exercise Talisman Sabre in July.

Telecommunications technician, Signaller Joel Mula, said the team faced a number of complexities and challenges setting up such robust equipment in the tactical environment.

“It is challenging setting up in the field so quickly,” Signaller Mula said.

“There’s a lot of heavy lifting and the technical side of the work in setting up satellites can be a challenge, but it’s rewarding to see it all set up and good to go.

“Before we deploy into the field we always plan how we’re going to attack the task and we work really well together. There’s a lot of knowledge within the team and we know what each other’s strengths are.”





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