Enhanced combat shooting course in WA

An enhanced combat shooting course held recently in WA not only honed the ADF participants’ skills but also improved the interoperability of the three services.

CAPTION: Officers and soldiers from 11/28th Battalion, Royal Western Australia Regiment and Clearance Divers from Australian Clearance Diving Team – Four fire at targets as part of an enhanced combat shooting exercise. Story by Captain Sandra Seman-Bourke. Photo: Leading Seaman Ronnie Baltoft. 

Soldiers from 11/28 Battalion, Royal Western Australia Regiment, (11/28RWAR) Air Defence Guards from No. 3 Security Force Squadron and divers from Australian Clearance Diving Team – Four (AUSCDT Four) took part in the course at the Bindoon Training Area.

The course, run by combat shooting instructors from 11/28RWAR and AUSCDT Four, focused on teaching modern shooting techniques.

Instructor Warrant Officer Class 2 Damian Woods said a broad range of skills were shared, taught and tested.

“As part of the course, participants from across our services gained experience with close-combat shooting techniques,” Warrant Officer 2 Woods said.

“This included using cover while engaging threats with speed and accuracy from less-than-ideal firing positions with in-service rifles and pistols.

“These concepts better align traditional marksmanship with a combat mindset.”

CAPTION: Combat Shooting Instructor Warrant Officer Class 2 Damian Woods briefs officers and soldiers as part of an enhanced combat shooting exercise at the Bindoon Defence Training area. Photo by Leading Seaman Ronnie Baltoft.

Conducting and participating in joint courses gives ADF members the opportunity to refine their personal skills while enhancing and strengthening the interoperability between Army, Navy and Air Force.

Commanding Officer AUSCDT Four, Lieutenant Commander Fletcher Wall said interoperability, as part of a joint force in Western Australia, was a priority.

“As a Defence Force, it is critical we train to fight and win as a joint force,” Lieutenant Commander Wall said.

“These training opportunities enable us to come together with our Army and Air Force counterparts to ensure we understand how to integrate and fight effectively, while simultaneously increasing our capability.”

It’s a view supported by Commander 13 Brigade Brigadier Brett Chaloner.

“Constantly evolving, adapting and sharing our training reflects 13th Brigade’s commitment to be an agile joint force which is increasing our capacity to become future ready,” Brigadier Chaloner said.





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