Watson shares Anzac history with pre-schoolers

The start of Autumn saw members from HMAS Watson volunteering their time to help tidy up the surrounding area as part of the Clean Up Australia initiative.

CAPTION: A Navy teddy is held by a child from the Vaucluse Cottage Childcare Centre in Sydney, during a Zoom call to sister preschools. Story by Lieutenant Kiz Welling-Burtenshaw. Photo by Emma Wholihan.

In April, Executive Officer Commander Tina Brown once again encouraged volunteers to engage with the community this time in the form of a visit to a childcare centre – Vaucluse Cottage.

For Seaman West, who is in his first year in Navy, it was an amazing opportunity to do something different for the community.

“It was so inspiring to engage with the children within the local community and I was humbled by their enthusiasm to learn about the Navy and the history of Anzac Day,” Seaman West said.

“I think these engagements are so important and show that there are so many ways we can help and support the Australian public.”

Vaucluse Cottage Coordinator Emma Wholihan was also extremely pleased with the visit.

“Every even we collaborate alongside the Royal Australian Navy with is always educational and really engaging,” Ms Wholihan said.

“Today was no exception and being able to share it with our sister centres across Sydney was fantastic. I hope we can continue to grow this wonderful friendship.”

After a tour of the centre, Ms Wholihan organised a Zoom call to the 11 other care centres across Sydney that make up the Active Kids Care Group.

Kids from all across Sydney were able to all listen as they had a discussion about why Anzac Day is so important to both Australians and New Zealanders.

Lucy, aged 3, expressed her feelings on the visit and it was obvious these were shared behind all the smiling faces of the kids as they waved goodbye.

“Our Navy friends played with us. We learnt about Anzac Day and me and my friends got some teddies to share. I loved it.” Lucy said.

HMAS Watson will continue to engage with the local community through future activities and events.





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