Sappers tackle technical training

Sappers from the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment have tested their technical skills in the field environment during Exercise Dingo Fury in March.

CAPTION: Soldiers from the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment prepare to enter a compound during Exercise Dingo Fury at Townsville Field Training Area. Photo by Corporal Brendon Grey.

Forming part of the 3rd Brigade’s Exercise Brolga Crawl, Dingo Fury saw the combat engineers execute a series of trade-based scenarios involving demolitions, minefield clearance, breaching, high risk search, explosive hazard reduction, key leadership engagement, camp construction and combat rescue.

Motivated to get back out in the field, Sergeant Kieren Caldwell said the sappers were ready to demonstrate their soldiering skills and technical expertise, while providing valuable coaching opportunities for junior soldiers and leaders.

“Most of the guys were chomping at the bit to get out here and put the skills that they rehearsed in barracks into practice,” Sergeant Caldwell said.

“We have a very junior team, the tasks themselves are simple in concept but working together is quite demanding and we’ve certainly seen an improvement in the time that we’ve been out here.

“The skills and drills put to test today will allow us to hone them back on barracks in further training for better effect later in the year.”

Preparing his squadron to progress towards Exercise Talisman Sabre, Major Hugh McKeown said he was pleased to see the soldiers setting a solid foundation.

“This is the first crawl activity and it’s important that we exercise these skill sets now because they’re the effect that the engineers provide to the combined arms team of the 3rd Brigade,” Major McKeown said

“I’m very happy with the training outcomes so far, for a crawl activity this is excellent.”





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