Senate votes for suicide Royal Commission

A motion calling on the government to establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicide passed through the Australian Senate on Thursday.

According to Senator Jacqui Lambie (via Facebook) the motion was supported by “every single Senator in the building — including the government itself”.

Senator Lambie said that the second part of the motion – which said that the motion should be transmitted to the House of Representatives for concurrence – was very important.

“It doesn’t sound like much, but it actually means that the House of Representatives has to vote on whether or not to agree to a Royal Commission,” she said.

“That means the Prime Minister is going to have to vote on a demand, supported by his own Senators, to call a Royal Commission – him, and every single member of the House of Representatives.

“EVERYONE is going to have to record where they stand – for or against. Do they want one, or do they not.

“Every single member is going to have to decide for themselves, come Monday morning.

“Is the PM going to vote against his own party’s Senators?

“Is he going to vote with them, and agree that he should call a Royal Commission?”

Long-time campaigner for a Royal Commission, Julie-Ann Finney welcomed the news and encouraged supporters to keep pushing.

“Please contact your local (federal) member over the weekend and let them know that we want nothing less than a Royal Commission announced on Monday morning,” she said via Facebook.

“We will be meeting in solidarity on the steps of Parliament in Canberra at 9am on Monday 22 March – if your are passing by, we will see you there.

CONTACT is a keen supporter of Julie-Ann’s campaign, which now has almost 400,000 supporters .






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2 thoughts on “Senate votes for suicide Royal Commission

  • 27/03/2021 at 12:22 am

    G’day Mate,
    Would be a bit easier to understand if there was some details other than DVA have done the wrong thing by you. Cheers Peter

  • 21/03/2021 at 9:38 am

    Hi Jacqui,

    I turn 70 next April, 2022, I have been fighting the Federal Government, since 1992, after 15 years of service in Australia. I hold a UK passport as I was born in Chatham, Kent, in 1952. I hold a Commission, issued in 1980. Due to the manner and Crimes Committed by the DVA, I would never get my Australian Passport re-issued.

    I have come to the firm conclusion that Politicians in Canberra, start with the correct intentions and are then corrupted by party politics, if you do not follow the party line. In other words we have a series of Criminal Organisations running this country to there personal benefit.

    The DVA is a further Criminal Organisation, which has failed at Law to correct it’s failing, which have been found by eminent learned legal minds to be deficient, yet failed to remedy the issues by overturning there decisions. They have unlawfully changed policy without parliamentary decisions to do so. Steal from Veterans, by deliberately disobeying Tax Laws. Malfeasance as a public servant by destroying Medical Reports from Doctors representing the DVA. Failing to recognise a General Court Martial as a lawful Court in Australia, both at law and in the AAT, who also failed to recognise a Court Senior to itself.

    The DVA a department of the Australian Government, has been on a vengeful course because I made a Solicitor look small in the AAT, as he was suing me for funds that the DVA had already recovered, and they wanted to belittle and defeat me and my family in Court, so they sent Tax Investigators to turn over my wife’s family trust and my business accounts. I had two days of nuisance telephone calls, when I was acutely depressed, in the form of Health Checks. My wife told them she would report them to the Police.

    My benefits were cancelled as I am a thief, and a dishonest person per the DVA. Yet I have conducted fraud investigations of multi-million dollars for insurance companies and solicitors. One of my associates at the time was Det. Senior Constable Rick Nugent, now Deputy Commissioner of Police Victoria. Also the Tax Investigations team, worked with me, when I was an Investigator, for Telecom Victoria. I was on a Joint Task Force hunting bent Police who were sex offenders and involved with Organised Crime. We worked out of the Savoy Plaza, on Spencer St. Melbourne.

    The DVA has destroyed my family, tainted and soiled my Professional Reputation. Caused my family to loose our family home, destroyed my ability to work and provide for my family and have destroyed my marriage. Vengeful is not the words I would describe my feelings. Suicidal at times.

    The problem with a Royal Commission is that Morrison and his cronies appoint the Commissioner, they issue the terms of reference, the length of time and control what is said and done, remember the Royal Commissions of HMAS Melbourne and Voyager, Two hearings and they only got it near right.


    From: Jacqui Lambie
    Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2021 6:27 PM
    To: Michael Hayman
    Subject: UPDATE: Gov votes YES on Royal Commission!

    Next week, the Prime Minister will have to vote on whether to establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicide. He’s going to have to.

    G’day Michael —
    I’ve got huge news!
    Next week, the Prime Minister will have to vote on whether to establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicide.
    He’s going to have to.
    Anything less and he’s voting against the demand of members of his own Government.
    Because just now, this passed the Senate:

    There’s a real, serious chance that, as soon as this weekend, the PM could call a Royal Commission into veteran suicide, to avoid losing the first vote in the House of Representatives since 2019.
    Here’s what we need, though. We need one government MP to cross the floor. Just one.
    We need every non-government MP to turn up, get counted, and vote to support the motion. Every Labor MP, every Green, every crossbencher.
    Between now and then, we should do everything we possibly can to make that happen.
    Can I ask you a favour?
    Can you write to your local Senators and thank them for supporting the call for a Royal Commission, and ask your local MP to do the same thing?

    You can do it in the same email if you use this tool.
    We have to apply all the pressure we can.
    This could be a huge 72 hours, mate. I want to make this count.
    This could happen!


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