We thought all wars were banished, when they dropped the mushroom bomb
And peace would finally shroud the world, but we’d never been so wrong
A new peril rose from the flames of hate, so once more we went forth
To defend a weak and helpless land, from its’ brothers in the north


Most of us didn’t come, to loyally serve the crown
After fighting in New Guinea, we just couldn’t settle down
We stood out from the others, dressed in jungle green
So we traded our gear with the Yanks, to make us harder to be seen


Bullets weren’t our only foe, there was snow and the blizzard’s gale
Which cut you to your very core, but we knew we dare not fail
And in spring the mud and rain, would bog you down for days
And the refugees would all stream past, with their carts and bullock drays


The U.N. pushed back bravely, and thought the threat dissolved
Till the forces of Red China, somehow became involved
They took back all the gains we’d made, it was time to show some spine
So at a place called Kapyong, we finally drew the line


We were the proud 3RAR, just one battalion strong
With the Canucks and the Kiwis, we faced the charging throng
We fought on like the hounds of hell and dared not show some slack
Till finally on an Anzac Dawn, the enemy fell back


More Aussies fell at Kapyong, than have ever fallen since
And if you think they died in vain, my soul you won’t convince
The only token that I have, of that fatal test
Is a presidential citation, worn proudly on my chest


In the War Memorial, there’s a painting I recall
A memory of Kapyong, hanging on a wall
Captain Reginald Saunders, is a warrior his troops thank
The first from First Nation, to hold commissioned rank


I think of all my cherished mates, entombed ‘neath Pusan’s loam
Forever to lie in that foreign land ‘cause they would not bring them home
When I hear someone complain, they’re not happy with their lot
My thoughts fly to Korea and the war the world forgot


Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
18 February 2017


FILE PHOTO: General J. van Fleet, General Officer, 8th US Army inspects members of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), while bestowing the presidential citation in recognition of the unit’s action at Kapyong, Korea. AWM 083857







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