Meeting law of supply and demand on operation

Captain Jess Law is keeping ADF personnel in the Middle East well supplied on Operation Accordion as the operations officer for Force Support Element – Rotation 13.

CAPTION: Captain Jess Law in the warehouse of the ADF’s main operating base in the Middle East region. Photo by Corporal Tristan Kennedy.

This is the first operational deployment for the former student of Mackillop Senior College at Port Macquarie who commissioned into the Australian Army in 2016.

She said she was motivated to maintain uninterrupted support for the ADF’s operations across the region, including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“My job plays a really important part in ensuring the comfort and safety of troops across the Middle East who are supporting Australia’s national interests,” Captain Law said.

“We provide logistical support to our troops, so by managing that capability, I am playing my part in keeping our troops appropriately kitted.

“This includes their weapon systems, ammunition and ration packs – everything they need to complete their mission.”

The Australian Army Catering Corps officer said the management and leadership skills she gained through her ADF training and experience meant she could adapt according to the situation.

That adaptability has come into play as the joint operational environment of Operation Accordion, which includes Navy, Army and Air Force, is a new experience.

“My role means that I work closely with the logistics cell at headquarters Joint Task Force 633, which encompasses people from Joint Logistics Command, Joint Operations Command, and logistics elements from RAAF and Navy,” Captain Law said.

“When I joined the ADF I wanted to belong to an organisation where I could experience a range of jobs and advance as far as I wanted to, while contributing to our national interests.

“My deployment to the Middle East has allowed me to manage a wide range of capabilities, including the warehouse, postal services, armoury and maintenance workshops.

“It means I get to work with a whole range of people I wouldn’t normally get to work with.

“It is increasing my understanding of the ADF’s supply chain all over the world and fulfilling my greatest desire to serve my nation with pride.”






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