The guns are silent now – by Richard Davies

The Guns are silent now,
The landscape tortured beyond belief,
The quiet broken by a lone bird singing a sorrowful song as it sits upon a shattered tree,
The ground full of craters caused by man’s violence,
In one crater there are bones and the remains of uniform,
The skull with sightless eyes stare towards the heavens,
A battered slouch hat and broken rifle the bayonet still attached lays in the mud,
The only things to show this was a digger brave, who gave his life for love and country,
Around him are hundreds of his mates,
Now all in the arms of the lord,
The war now over the guns silent are they,
For these brave soldiers their battle ended,
Lest we forget the sacrifice they made.


FILE PHOTO: Among some 450 guns captured by the Australians in the Battle of Amiens was this 11-inch artillery piece mounted on a railway carriage, now on display in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra..




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