ADF cops another COVID-19 case ‘overseas’

Defence added one more confirmed case of COVID-19 today, marked on their little black map as being ‘overseas’.

This brings Defence’s total case load to 96, with the number of ‘recovered’ cases unchanged at 92.

Meanwhile, the number of personnel deployed on Operation COVID-19 Assist reads as follows…

*Note: Personnel in Joint Task Group headquarters, supporting roles, and those preparing for tasks are included in overall state-based figures but are not captured in the list of tasks.

Total 2211

Queensland – 543 personnel

  • 448 ADF personnel are supporting quarantine compliance management efforts, including at airports and hotels.

Victoria – 446 personnel

  • 170 ADF personnel are supporting Victoria Police checkpoints
  • 24 personnel are assisting in other logistics roles, including the Police Assistance Line call centre in Ballarat
  • 6 personnel are providing support to the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre

New South Wales – 513 personnel

  • 253 personnel are supporting state police quarantine, reception and repatriation efforts at Sydney airport and hotels.
  • 217 ADF personnel are supporting New South Wales police with border control checkpoints on the New South Wales-Victoria border.

Western Australia – 196 personnel

  • 152 ADF personnel are involved in quarantine assistance at hotels and at the Perth Airport.
  • 5 personnel are providing planning and logistics support.

South Australia – 154 personnel

  • 82 ADF personnel are supporting South Australia Police border control checkpoints.
  • 42 personnel are providing support to South Australia Police quarantine compliance management at a regional hotel.
  • 7 personnel are providing planning and operations support to SA Health.

Northern Territory – 143 personnel

  • 79 ADF personnel are providing support to Northern Territory Police at vehicle checkpoints
  • 20 ADF personnel are supporting Australian Federal Police and Northern Territory Police quarantine compliance management.

Tasmania – 30 personnel

  •  30 ADF personnel are providing support to Tasmania Police quarantine compliance management in Hobart.

Australian Capital Territory – 8 personnel










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