Confusion reigns over Defence COVID-19 numbers

Defence added two new cases of COVID-19 over this past weekend, and sort of maybe added some more this morning, 27 July 2020.

At 9am this morning, CONTACT checked Defence’s updates, which are marked 26 July 2020 and noted 73 confirmed cases with 64 listed as recovered – an increase of two and four respectively on the last movement.

Defence’s little black map on their updates page reflected those numbers, and indicated one new case overseas and one in Melbourne, bringing Melbourne’s total to eight.

However, when we checked for updates again around 1pm, the page still showed ‘last updated 26 July’ and the list of numbers had not changed (73 and 64) – but the little black map now shows 10 cases in Melbourne and one fewer in the overseas tally, for a total of 74 and 64.





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