Make-n-do with a near-free mitre-saw-table build

Sometimes you just have to start over – which is the lesson in this video, as I take two attempts to make a near-free miter-saw table.

Doing all this work in my shed for as little money is not only a financial necessity, but it has become somewhat of a personal challenge now too.

I’m trying to make-n-do with the scraps I have lying around the shed and, if I haven’t got what I need, then a scrounge around on Facebook is another good option.

In this end, I’m relatively pleased with this effort – though I absolutely know I will do better next time.

If you’ve been following my Make-n-Do series, you’ll know I’ve been teasing about how this could be leading up to something new and big for CONTACT.

Well I dropped this significant hint recently.





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