Defence’s COVID-19 cases spike again

Defence has added a further five cases of COVID-19 to its tally – bringing the total of confirmed cases of COVID-19 to 60 – with all new cases contracted somewhere overseas.

The number of ‘recovered’ has also risen by 1, to 54, since we last updated.

We have heard from other (non-Defence) sources that the one member who contracted COVID-19 in PNG has since been brought home, to the ACT – which is reflected on our map, but not on Defence’s.

We also note something odd about the numbers of personnel deployed to assist on Operation COVID-19 Assist in Victoria…

  • after first announcing that 1000 ADF would be deploying to Victoria
  • it since transpired (with little notice, clarification or explanation) that Victoria rejected the Commonwealth’s offer and said 200 was enough…
  • but, nearly a week after the initial announcement, Defence’s daily update is still only showing a total ADF deployment of 70 personnel in Victoria.

Defence’s overall Operation COVID-19 Assist numbers are currently at their lowest to date – just 680 across the country, with the largest concentration in Queensland (336).

Even New South Wales has more ADF deployed (134) than the current hotspot, Victoria.





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