Dismantling my old workbench to better use the space

In the fourth video of my new Make-n-Do series, I demolish my original, built-in workbench, now that I have a rock-solid bench on wheels.

This is just the start of a major refurb of my personal wood-working space, which I have to share with my wife’s and my daughter’s cars.

Once the cars are inside, there’s mere inches of room in front and behind each, so my space and my use of it has to be carefully considered.

That’s all well and good until you consider that I don’t plan anything very carefully – it’s all pretty much made up on the fly, after starting with just the basics of the idea.



This video is part of my new personal vlog series from the editor’s wood shed called Make-n-Do – making do with limited, cheap or even free tools and materials, and because I just like making and doing stuff in my shed – especially during COVID-19 lockdown, which, for me, was a very enjoyable period of “compulsory hobby with no guilt” 😉

This series won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I’m doing it anyway, because I want to make-n-do it for me – AND, because it could maybe just possibly help steer CONTACT into something bigger and better???

But, I can’t talk about that just yet 😉





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