Still no delivery date on Covenant/Lapel Pin (unrelated to CONTACT subscription)

CONTACT is often asked “where’s my bloody lapel pin”, as if we were responsible for delivery.

I kid you not.

One gent simply couldn’t be convinced that subscribing to CONTACT and registering for the pin weren’t the same thing.

In the end, he was only satisfied when I told him (at the end of a lengthy and heated (on his part)(I was giggling) phone call) that “as soon as I get mine, you’ll get yours” – like I had any way of making that happen 😉

Anyway, because CONTACT is apparently the only reliable source of reliable info on this topic, we asked DVA for an update.

A DVA spokesperson told us that, “the Australian Veterans’ Recognition (Putting Veterans and their Families First) Bill 2019 is still being considered by the Parliament”.

“Veterans and reservists can apply for all components of the Covenant, including the Veteran Card, Lapel Pin and Oath, online via MyService.

“Depending on the type of service, veterans may be eligible for all, or some of the Covenant items.

“Existing DVA health card holders do not need to register for the new Veteran Card, however they will need to register for the Lapel Pin and Oath via MyService.

“Veteran Cards have been issued to new clients since March 2019.

“Existing DVA health card holders will automatically receive their Veteran Card in the mail by the end of this year.

“After the legislation passes, the Lapel Pin and Oath will be distributed to those who have applied.

“The Veteran Card and Lapel Pin will be sent in the mail separately to the Veteran Card.”

More information on the Covenant is available here.

Subscribing to CONTACT (free) is here – and completely unrelated 😉









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