You were young, aching to be old

Put your boots on, to be told


Hang in soldier, God be paid

It won’t take long, know your trade


There is truth for what you do

A moment’s flash become the glue,


To the void of nothing except those there

Sucked of History, a blink, a stare


Go you back, of course tomorrow

No other moment, it isn’t sorrow


And not love though maybe close

And who would miss another dose


You go back, of course you do

Memory’s slide impels you to


You learned silence never to ask

Beggar the story always the task


You knew death, not very far

Always the moment, never a star


We thank you completely for backing us in

We own your tears if it were sin


Syrup the dragon soldier, avoid the throng

Pay no heed, and sing your song


by Geoffrey Prior


FILE PHOTO: Members of Overwatch Battle Group–West get ready to participate in an ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Talil, Iraq, 2008. Photo by Brian Hartigan.





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