Tiger helicopter hits power lines in Queensland

An Oakey-based Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) with a crew of two made an emergency landing in south-east Queensland earlier today.

FILE PHOTO (March 2019): An ARH Tiger from the Army Aviation Training Centre at Oakey practices flying under-wires. The ability for the aircraft to use terrain masking greatly increases survivability against an enemy with advanced weaponry, increasing lethality and reconnaissance ability. Photo by Bradley Richardson.

The Tiger was on a routine training mission north of the Oakey Army Aviation Centre when it contacted power lines at 11:15 this morning.

The pilot managed to land the aircraft and both crew are reported safe.

Army’s Critical Response Helicopter responded to secure the site and return the aircrew to Oakey.


No injuries were reported, nor was the condition of the aircraft.






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  • 16/06/2019 at 3:23 pm

    Also in regard the Cinese flotilla you forgot that the ship was open display but only to dual citizens from China whom were members of the party…whilst on board rumour has it that they reported to an intelligence officer for briefings, also the intimidating armed soldiers and the best bit the baby formula they smuggled out…coincidently a crime to normal people…
    Yes there is more but cannot write for obvious reasons.


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