ADF involved in medical emergency mission in Solomon Islands

The Australian Defence Force’s Indo-Pacific Endeavour Task Group (IPE18) has assisted the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force in rescuing four seriously injured people after a violent incident occurred in an outlying part of the country.

CAPTIONMedical teams and Solomon Island Police Force personnel board waiting MRH-90 helicopters on HMAS Adelaide to support a medical evacuation from an island near Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo by Chief Petty Officer Damian Pawlenko.

The incident occurred on Bellona Island, about 200 kilometres south of the Solomon Island’s capital Honiara.

It is understood a seven-year-old girl died as a result of the attack last night (Friday).

Commander of IPE18 Captain Jim Hutton said the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force requested assistance from the Joint Task Group through the Australian High Commission.


“We were asked to help retrieve the injured and bring them to hospital in Honiara for further treatment,” Captain Hutton said.

“I’m pleased that we had the capability to assist in such a critical situation.”

At 6.15am local time, two MRH-90 helicopters left HMAS Adelaide with two accident and emergency teams and five Royal Solomon Islands policemen on board.

They returned to the ship about three hours later with four patients – three males aged 16, 59 and 68 and a 34-year-old female.

All had deep lacerations and were transferred to the Honiara Referral Hospital in stable conditions.

“Today’s operation highlights the value of what we are doing in the region, the capability that we have and our commitment to do all we can to help our friends in times of need,” Captain Hutton said.

Royal Solomon Islands Police are investigating the matter.






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