June 2018

Books of Remembrance

Preserving their memory

The Books of Remembrance—a unique calligraphic roll of honour containing the names of 89,100 Victorians who served overseas during the First World War—have been temporarily removed from public display at the Shrine in order to preserve them for future generations. These treasured artifacts, meticulously inscribed and illuminated by a team of nine male and female calligraphers, were compiled over several years.

This vital project involves the repair of deteriorated paper, parchment and leather to improve the appearance and conserve the Books. A relatively new conservation process being employed sees the Books sealed in airtight chambers with a small tray clipped to each side which contains oxygen scavengers and silica gel that absorbs any moisture present. The process lasts for 4 weeks, ensuring that any pests or bacteria within the Books are destroyed.

A digital version of the Books remains available on the Shrine website for those wishing to lay a poppy and leave a message beside the names of relatives and loved ones who served in the Great War.

The Books will be off public display until Monday 25 June, with further, intermittent disruption to access occurring until Friday 13 July, inclusive.

The Books of Remembrance Conservation Project is supported by the Victorian Government and Victorian Veterans Council.



All are welcome to attend the following commemorative services.

Normandy Veterans Association D-Day Service

Wednesday 6 June, 11am
Wreath Laying on the Forecourt

This annual service commemorates the Allied landings in Normandy, France on 6 June 1944, better known as D-Day. The largest amphibious landing in history, almost 200,000 men were involved in the invasion on the first day alone.

Full list of services

Queen’s Birthday 21 Gun Salute

Saturday 9 June, midday
Artillery Salute on the Forecourt

On this day each year the Queen’s Birthday is acknowledged at the Shrine with a 21 Gun Salute fired from the Shrine’s Lower Forecourt by the Royal Australian Artillery. Note: The salute is extremely loud and it is recommended visitors with small children or pets maintain an appropriate distance from the guns.

Full list of services

Bomber Command Commemorative Association (Vic) Inc.

Sunday 10 June, midday
Wreath Laying in the Visitor Centre

The Association exists to ensure, in perpetuity, the continuance of the memory of those Australians, particularly Victorians, who served in RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War.

Full list of services

Shrine Monthly Memorial Service

Thursday 14 June, 11.30am
Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

This month we commemorate the following important dates:
28 June 1919 – Treaty of Versailles
6 June 1944 – Normandy Veterans D-Day Service
25 June 1950 – Outbreak of the Korean War
May–Jun 1968 – Battle of Coral-Balmoral

Full list of services

Talks and Events

Friends of the Shrine can attend public programs for free. General admission is $5 per person. Bookings essential.

Curtin’s War

Wednesday 6 June, midday

In 1941, Australian troops were far from home fighting Axis forces across North Africa and the Middle East. By 1942, Japan had advanced on Singapore and seized Australian territories in New Guinea while America joined the Allies in the Pacific. The last of the Shrine’s Summer/Autumn program of events, join John Edwards as he discusses the leadership of Prime Minister John Curtin during that pivotal time in Australian history.

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Shrine Kids

Free family activity
All year round program

With winter fast approaching, Shrine Kids provides a fantastic opportunity for indoor activity, allowing young imaginations to take flight as they uncover the Shrine’s rich history. Shrine Kids is a self-guided program for families with primary school aged children. Shrine Explorer loan kits and collectible activity cards are available from the Visitor Centre during your family’s visit.

Find out more

Shrine podcasts

Fascinating listening and learning opportunities can be enjoyed from the comfort of home or wherever you choose to listen from. Hear about The Light Horse exhibition where the exhibition’s Curator, Neil Sharkey, discusses this significant time in Australian military history and the challenges associated with bringing the exhibition to life. A range of other podcasts are available relating to many different periods in Australia’s service history.

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Entry to exhibitions is by donation. All proceeds support the Shrine Education Program.

For Humanity

Until 24 March 2019
West Gallery

What does it mean to save lives as others are taking them? Medics on the frontline give gripping accounts of their experiences. Stories of immense trauma are offset against moments of touching humanity. Sometimes when the stakes are high it is these flashes of compassion and humanity that endure.

More information

Nerves and Steel

Closing 29 July 2018
South Gallery

Discover the struggles and glory of the Allied forces against Japan’s powerful navy and the role that the Royal Australian Navy played from December 1914 to September 1945 in securing the ultimate Allied Victory.

More information

The Light Horse

Until 21 October 2018
East Gallery

While Australian infantry served in the grim trenches of the Western Front, their comrades in the Australian Light Horse were fighting dynamic campaign of manoeuvre against the Ottoman Turks in the desert wastes of Sinai, Palestine and Syria. Featuring historic and contemporary paintings, and memorabilia from the now legendary light horseman.

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From the Shop

Selection of umbrellas


These lovely umbrellas will keep you dry in the rainy weather. Available in a variety of poppy designs, and choice of foldable or long handles for a debonair finish to your winter outfit, be sure you purchase this essential accessory before the next downpour!

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Sailor Bear


Dressed in his Royal Australian Navy summer uniform, Skip is ready to go! Handmade, with fantastic attention to detail, he is sure to be treasured by all who meet him. As our exhibition Nerves and Steel comes to an end, this little bear is popular and will sell out—so get in quick!

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Bomber Command 

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Part of the series Australians in World War Two, Bomber Command is fully illustrated with over 100 photographs and art works from the collections of the Australian War Memorial, State Library of Victoria, Imperial War Museum, and Berlin Bundesarchiv.

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One Woman’s War and Peace

S. Bown

When Sharon, as a young Registered Nurse from Tasmania, joined the Royal Australian Air Force it was with the goal of providing humanitarian aid to the world. She never imagined that, on her retirement, she would have served in East Timor, Bali and Afghanistan—working to save the lives of others, but almost losing her own.

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