1st RPIR get advanced shooting training from 1RAR

Members of Papua New Guinea’s 1st Royal Pacific Islands Regiment benefited from a course of Enhanced Shooting Techniques with soldiers from 1RAR recently.

Enhanced Shooting Techniques is a component of 1RAR’s training continuum and the Aussie soldiers were more than happy to pass on some knowledge to their PNG counterparts.

Commanding Officer 1RAR Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin McLennan said the enthusiasm shown by the soldiers from 1st RPIR was commendable.

“What soldier doesn’t enjoy a good range practice – let alone several days on end,” Lieutenant Colonel McLennan said.

“These soldiers and officers have embraced the opportunity to undertake combat shooting techniques and they have enjoyed the opportunity.

“This training is focused on professional soldiers improving their expertise with their primary weapon system.

“The week starts with a test of skills to provide a baseline score and assessment.

“After the week’s training, the mentoring team runs the same tests again – and the improvements we have seen have been excellent.”

Lieutenant Colonel McLennan said that, importantly, the mentoring team were also teaching the 1st RPIR Training Team.

“They will be well postured to undertake continuation training and pass on their new-found skills in the future.

“It is a great honour to train alongside our regional partners, to not only impart our knowledge, but to continue our collective learning.

“The 1RAR mentoring-team soldiers are actually getting a run for their money, with competitive spirit showing through in challenges – soldiers side by side.

“Privates Wardle and Cobb have met some stiff competition.”









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