Alligator wets its sea legs

Ka-52K Alligator helicopters manufactured by Russian Helicopters holding company (part of Rostec State Corporation) recently completed the first phase of testing in marine conditions.

The machines are currently in the premises of Kamov Design Bureau where specialists are assessing the condition of the helicopters and their components after performing tasks in harsh climatic conditions.

Two Ka-52K helicopters were tested from late 2016 to early 2017.

After performing the tasks set by commanders the tests were deemed successful.

Deputy CEO for Sales of Russian Helicopters holding Vladislav Savelyev said Ka-52K helicopters completed the first phase of testing in marine conditions, after which it can be concluded that the machines may be placed on an aircraft cruiser and successfully complete their tasks.

“The helicopter has unique properties; however, one test in the sea is insufficient for understanding the work of its engines, units, avionics, control and armament systems in maritime climate,” Mr Savelyev.


“The design bureau will continue its work as part of tests including those on the aircraft cruiser.”

The Ka-52K helicopter is another machine in the range of “maritime” helicopters developed by Kamov Design Bureau and adopted by the Russian Navy.

This range also includes Ka-25, Ka-27, Ka-29 and Ka-31.

The Ka-52K helicopter is designed for patrolling, providing fire support for airborne forces during landing, and ensuring counter-air defence on the front line and defence in depth.

Modern onboard equipment will ensure safe navigation of the helicopter when there are no landmarks in the sea.

Unlike a basic model, the Ka-52K helicopter has a shorter folding wing which was redesigned to carry heavy weapons and the mechanism for folding blades which makes it possible to be compactly placed in ships’ hangars.

The smaller size of Ka-52 shipborne helicopters makes it possible to increase the maximum number of helicopters which may be placed on a ship.

It is fitted with an armoured crew compartment and ejection system for crew safety.

It also has rescue equipment, making it possible to rescue seafarers in distress.

The use of corrosion-resistant materials is another important feature of Ka-52K, as the helicopter is to be operated in wet maritime climate.







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