5 new magazines added to our FREE archive


We have added 5 new magazines to our Digital Magazines archive – which you can read now for FREE! – even if you’re not a subscriber.


Our four regular publications from 2008 plus our very special 60th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Infantry issue are now fully digitised and available in either page-flip format or as .pdf downloads.

If you choose the .pdf version, please save the file to your hard drive, close your browser, then open the .pdf from where you saved it before exploring (if you explore the .pdf in your browser, the 20meg file will have to reload every time you return after clicking on a hyperlink).


In November 2008, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, CONTACT produced this excellent and well-reviewed special infantry-only issue. The then Governor General of Australia Major General Michael Jeffery wrote the foreword for this special issue.
CONTACT Air Land & Sea hads $5000 to Legacy$1 from every sale of this magazine was set aside for donation to Legacy – with a cheque for $5000 handed over on 31 August 2012


Paper copies of all these magazines are still available for purchase from our PAPER MAGAZINES page at reduced prices.

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