Aussies exercise with UK and Japan off Fiji

One of the Royal Australian Navy’s largest ships, HMAS Choules, recently participated in training exercises with warships from the United Kingdom and Japan off the coast of Fiji.

CAPTIONCommanding Officer of HMAS Choules Commander Arron Convery salutes HMS Tamar after successful Officer Of the Watch manoeuvres. Photos by Able Seaman Lucinda Allanson.

The UK Royal Navy offshore patrol vessel HMS Tamar and Japan Maritime Self Defence Force frigate JS Noshiro joined Choules for cooperative activities, including officer-of-the-watch manoeuvres and cross-deck engagements.

Commanding Officer Choules Commander Arron Convery said the activities allowed the ships’ maritime warfare officers an opportunity to manoeuvre in close company with other ships.

“Officer-of-the-watch manoeuvres offer important seamanship training by giving officers practice in coordinating our ship’s movements with other vessels of different nations,” Commander Convery said.

During the exercises, Japanese, British and Australian personnel ‘cross-decked’, visiting their counterparts’ ships.

“Cross-decking provides our sailors and officers the chance to experience a different ship environment and learn from how things are done in other navies,” Commander Convery said.

The vessels also rendered ‘passing honours’ to one another, with Choules’ captain and crew exchanging salutes with the other ships.

Following the exercises, the three vessels continued in company to Tonga to participate in the official birthday celebrations for King Tupov VI of Tonga and the 50th birthday of the Tonga Royal Navy.

CAPTIONShips company from HMAS Choules cheer ship as Guardian Class patrol boat VOEA Ngahau Koula, carrying His Majesty King Tupou VI of Tonga, passes by during an International Fleet Review to celebrate the 50th anniversary Tonga Royal Navy during Regional Presence Deployment to the South West Pacific

Choules is currently undertaking a South-West Pacific regional presence deployment.

Australia maintains a near continual presence in the Pacific and wider Indo-Pacific region via regional presence deployments that demonstrate Australia’s commitment to, and engagement with, the region.





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