Parade marks milestone for Army aviation

Army aviation’s command and control has been streamlined following the transfer of command of Army Aviation Training Centre and its subordinate units to 16th Aviation Brigade.

CAPTIONA parade signified the transfer of command of Army Aviation Training Centre and their subordinate units to 16th Aviation Brigade. Story by Major Carolyn Barnett. Photos by Craftsman Luc McLean.

To mark the occasion, Commander of Aviation Command Major General Stephen Jobson, along with members of Army aviation and invited guests, attended the transfer of authority parade at RAAF Base Townsville on April 4.

A significant milestone in Army’s commitment to modernise its aviation capability, the transfer brings Army Aviation Training Centre under the direct command of Commander 16th Aviation Brigade Brigadier Fern Thompson.

A prominent aspect of the transformation was to reduce command, control and management complexity, enabling efficiencies across the capability and optimising Army for accelerated warfare.

While the transfer marks a step forward for Army aviation, each of these formations have accrued years of success and accomplishments in their own right.

Both played a part in Army aviation’s transition from analogue to digital and met the operational demands of an increase in domestic missions and lengthy warlike operations overseas.

Thanking unit command teams and personnel, Major General Jobson said the future offered opportunities.

“While this is a period of challenge, I can assure all of you that the opportunity here is to set the Army aviation capability up for success for many years into the future,” Major General Jobson said.

“It is a great day for Army aviation in our ongoing transformation and advancement of the Army aviation capability.

“Let’s go forward with optimism, confidence, determination and discipline as a unified capability.”

Army Aviation Training Centre has become one of the largest components of Aviation Command in terms of Defence personnel and Australian Public Service staff, industry contractors, and land and training areas.

Commandant of the training centre Colonel Duncan Flindle said the change enhanced training outcomes.

“With [the] Army Aviation Training Centre now under the command of 16th Aviation Brigade, we have clear alignment of operational and force generation components, which enhances our focus and agility to produce Army-ready aviators, crew, trades and support personnel,” Colonel Flindle said.

“It is a testament to the capability of the personnel that this has been executed locally. To now have this capability sit within 16th Aviation Brigade reinforces the opportunities to enhance our systems and processes.”

CAPTIONMembers of 16th Aviation Brigade on parade during a transfer of command ceremony at RAAF Base Townsville, Queensland.





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