Sailors and divers go head-to-head at Bondi Beach

The sun shone brightly on Bondi Beach, where SailGP teams and Navy clearance diver trainees went head-to-head in a battle physical training session.

CAPTIONClearance diver trainees push themselves during a boot camp session as part of SailGP’s pre-race activities at Bondi Beach, Sydney. Story by Sub-Lieutenant Tahlia Merigan. Photos by Able Seaman Lucinda Allanson.

Straight off the plane and onto the sand, SailGP athletes from various teams including Australia, Great Britain, the United States, Germany and Switzerland had their work cut out for them, flipping tyres, executing push-ups and other strenuous activities.

Physical Training Instructor Petty Officer Robert Pope, who trains clearance diver trainees and ran the workout, said it was enjoyable and a lot of courage was shown.

“We enjoyed putting on a bit of a spectacle and I know all the athletes were there to get their hands dirty as well as our guys and it was really good competition out there,” Petty Officer Pope said.

CAPTIONA SailGP athlete from the Australian sailing team completes an exercise during a boot camp session as part of SailGP’s pre-race activities at Bondi Beach.

Natasha Bryant, a strategist from the Australian team, said it was exciting to have the international teams involved.

“It’s an iconic place and it was really cool to share it with everyone,” Ms Bryant said.

“Teamwork is really at the core of our Australian team culture. We had one of the Navy members on our team today and his communication and the way he rolled is very similar to how we work, and it worked out really well.”

CAPTIONRoyal Australian Navy physical training instructors put clearance diver trainees and SailGP athletes through a boot camp session as part of SailGP’s pre-race activities at Bondi Beach.

Australian team grinder Kinley Fowler said there were a lot of similarities between the Navy and SailGP athletes.

“It’s all-out teamwork; it’s all about looking after your mates; it’s all about putting that effort in for each other and making sure we get to the finish line,” he said.

Australian team captain Tom Slingsby observed keenly from the sidelines as the clearance diver trainees clinched victory in the competition, also appreciating the likeness between participants.

“Teamwork is everything in sailing; it’s physical, but it’s not the most physical sport. It is all about teamwork, coordination, trusting each other, all the same values the Royal Australian Navy instil in their people,” he said.

“I think coming here and seeing that and realising the synergies between our programs, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of and we’re just very thankful they came along and taught us some lessons.”

CAPTIONRoyal Australian Navy Physical Training Instructors, Clearance Diver trainees and SailGP athletes at Bondi Beach.






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