Army and Navy adopt new trades training system

In a move to bolster the technical prowess of its personnel, Navy and Army have introduced a state-of-the-art joint technical trades training system (JTTTS).

CAPTIONMap of Wodonga Institute of TAFE and National Technical Education Network partners. Story by John Grech and Danielle Malone.

Geared towards revolutionising trades-related capability, the system has the potential to redefine how technical trades are learned and applied in the field.

Navy and Army signed a contract for the system with Wodonga Institute of TAFE, supported by their National Technical Education Network partners, last year, and Army’s training officially began on January 1.

Commanding Officer Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Lieutenant Colonel Tim Soper said the project would deliver industry-recognised qualifications to thousands of soldiers and sailors, as well as expand training opportunities in home regions and locations, enabling Defence’s training system to meet rapidly changing capability requirements.

“The JTTTS contract represents a significant leap forward in our efforts to cultivate a highly skilled and adaptable force,” Lieutenant Colonel Soper said.

“By harnessing an adaptable and modern training architecture, we are empowering our service members to excel in their respective fields and meet the evolving challenges of modern warfare.”

Chief JTTTS Officer Adam Jacoby affirmed the commitment to providing Defence with industry-recognised, best-practice training.

“Bringing together some of the largest and most respected training institutions in the country in a collaborative and innovative national delivery model will reshape the Defence training ecosystem and be more responsive to the ADF’s short- and longer-term strategic objectives,” Mr Jacoby said.

JTTTS will deliver capability through nationally accredited and non-accredited technical training pathways to achieve Certificate II, III, IV and advanced trade qualifications in construction, electrical, electronics, engineering, mechanical and, from January 2025, aviation maintenance management (mechanical/avionics).

ADF students who participated in developing the JTTTS charter said it was a valuable opportunity to help ensure training was student-focused.





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One thought on “Army and Navy adopt new trades training system

  • 04/02/2024 at 10:06 am

    It was a disaster that Navy and Army abandoned apprentice training in house. I hope this is going to improve technical training.
    Another decision made by cost cutters that will not be held to account!


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