Air Academy takes command of aviation medicine

Command of the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM), at RAAF Base Edinburgh, was formally transferred from Air Warfare Centre to Air Force Training Group at a ceremony at RAAF Base Edinburgh in October.

CAPTION(L-R) Commander Air Force Training Group Air Commodore David Strong, Commanding Officer Institute of Aviation Medicine Wing Commander Riannon Quemard and Commander Air Warfare Centre Air Commodore Adrian Maso during the transfer of command ceremony at RAAF Base Edinburgh, South Australia. Story by Flight Lieutenant Nick O’Connor.

The Institute of Aviation Medicine, as the centre of excellence for aviation medicine across Defence, is a force enabler and essential component of the ADF aviation safety management and airworthiness system.

It provides advice on the aviation medicine risks associated with air operations, ensuring they are known and managed.

This advice supports the performance, health and safety for all aircrew and controllers as the human dimension within the aviation system.

Commanding Officer of the institute Wing Commander Riannon Quemard said the transfer enables closer alignment to other training units, while optimising core functions of aeromedical hazard analysis, command decision support and medical certification.

“Plan Mulleun presented an opportune moment to review the most suitable organisational location for IAM to best deliver aviation medicine support to the ADF,” Wing Commander Quemard said.

“Now within Air Academy, IAM has the opportunity to align with other training units, maintain close linkages with the aviation training and flying environment and build an early partnership with aircrew and controllers in the formative stages of their careers.

“All aircrew are required to come through IAM for aviation medicine training at the beginning of their aviation careers and this early partnership is a fantastic foundation to a career-long investment in performance, health and safety that IAM fosters for all aircrew.”

The Institute of Aviation Medicine has been under the command of Air Warfare Centre since 2006. It began as a section of Central Flying School, RAAF Base Point Cook, becoming the Aviation Medicine Flight in 1947, and the RAAF School of Aviation Medicine in 1956.

In 1960 the unit was officially named the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine and in 1995 the Institute of Aviation Medicine building opened at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

The institute will remain at RAAF Base Edinburgh and continue to provide responsive and contemporary aviation medicine expertise to Defence aviation.





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