Green ghost is shipshape after mega maintenance cycle

HMAS Hobart, affectionately known as ‘the green ghost’ – and already eight years old! – recently received a much-needed refresh inside and out.

CAPTIONHMAS Hobart ship’s company in the Captain Cook Graving Dock, Fleet Base East, NSW. Story by Lieutenant Eliza Von Thrum. Photo by Able Seaman Benjamin Ricketts.

It was a significant milestone, as the ship became the first Hobart-class guided missile destroyer to undertake a docking selected restricted availability (DSRA) as part of its usage and upkeep cycle.

The extensive maintenance period, which spanned 20 weeks of production, included about 180,000 hours of work, 3800 isolations, 76 tank openings and more than 1300 hot work permits.

Commanding Officer Hobart Commander Tina Brown addressed ship’s company and destroyer enterprise representatives on September 25, acknowledging the significant efforts of planning, coordination and execution of the DSRA.

“Achieving such a safe and successful docking required intricate levels of system knowledge, problem solving and resource management, and the outcomes demonstrated the high levels of professionalism and technical mastery of both our technical sailors and industry partners,” Commander Brown said.

“The strong relationship between enterprise partners was a testament to One Defence principles.”

HMAS Hobart will transition towards force generation targets, achieved through the Sea Release Assurance Framework.

The ship will be assessed on its seaworthiness and battleworthiness, as it gets ready for future taskings into 2024.

CAPTIONHMAS Hobart during officer of the watch manoeuvres as part of Exercise Tasman Shield 2023.





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