Our Flag is Not For Sale

Our proud flag, flying high above, is me and you
Speak evil of her and she will in time bid adieu
Then in anguish, we will weep in deep, deep sorrow
Our heads drooped in shame for all tomorrows

There will be no Southern Cross to guide us well
No footprint of proud history to our infants we can show or tell
Of generations who gave sweat blood and tears
For a life envied by many in other lands who live in fear

So, recall our flag’s past with fiery heart and bursting pride
Seize it, be it in war or nature taking us for a stormy rough ride
Empty pockets, hunger or misery, our flag still stands tall
Snapping in the breeze, telling us, “all for one and one for all”

See the soldier draped with our flag at the final farewell
For loved ones, a signal of pride, respect and honour to tell
Which elected Suits would shun a draped flag passing by?
Or doesn’t understand the power of such cloth for which so many die?

There is such bursting pride at any ceremonial scene
Where a sea of beloved Aussie flags waving in triumph can be seen
Always where black and white fellas, and in between, are as one
Wearing the same uniform under one flag, until life at last is done

Oh, such betrayal by political chameleons so sly
Hidden agendas masked by false concern which bleed our Treasury dry
Such contempt, with pockets heavy with gold and castles galore
Hidden daggers to murder our beloved flag and all it stands for

Stand fast, true blues, and brace in this hateful storm
Our flag will always be raised, surrounded by brightness of early dawn
Listen carefully, and echoes of cheering you will hear
Of those before us , who lived under the same flag, so precious, so dear

By George Mansford
©June 2022








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